Frequently asked questions

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Phone: 902-468-9833


Will there be instructor-led classes?

Typically, learning is self-directed, but instructors are there as a resource you can use anytime.

When will my work be corrected?

We do our best to correct your work and give you feedback within 24 hours.

How will I know I am ready to write the GED exams?

At Solutions, we make sure you feel confident in your readiness, and instructors can sit down with you to discuss this.

Does it cost to write the GED tests?

GED tests are Free if written in Nova Scotia.

How often can I write?

Students are given 3 opportunities to successfully pass in each subject area per calendar year.

Are the tests online?

Yes, but they must be written at a GED test centre.

Where can I write the GED test in Dartmouth or Halifax?

Dartmouth: NSCC Akerley Campus (Main Street). Every Monday, Wednesday, or third Saturday every month.

Halifax: NSCC Technology Campus (Leeds Street). Every Tuesday, Thursday, and third Saturday of every month.

How can I register for the GED test?

You can register by creating an account at You will need your email address and photo ID. It maintains all data including past test scores, pass/fails, and more. We can assist our participants during the registration process.

Do the tests have any Special accommodations for Special Students?

If you have a documented disability you may be entitled to modified testing accommodations:

o  Physical Disabilities

o  Learning Disabilities

o  Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

o  Psychological disabilities

o  Chronic health issues

Who can write the GED?

Residents of Nova Scotia, 18 years of age or older at the time of testing, who are not currently in school nor have received a grade 12 graduation certificate from any institution, are eligible to write the GED test.

What are the business hours?

Monday to Thursday: 9am- 6pm and Friday: 9am-5pm

Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.